Do your pets like to hang out on your furniture? Did you know dog and cat urine can soak through carpet to the underlayment, which home cleaners can’t effectively clean?

One of the most important elements in removing pet odors is identifying where the odor is located.  Once I identify where the odor is then I can properly treat it with my commercial odor applications.


The extent of pet stains can’t always been see with the naked eye as well as many residential upholstery cleaners won’t clean deep enough into the carpet. Below are pictures of pet stains only visible under UV lighting.

  1. First, I’ll locate the odors using special urine detection equipment.  This process will work for cat urine, dog urine and other various pet odors. Depending on the severity, I’ll give some options outlined below:
  2. TOPICAL TREATMENT: This a perfect solution for recent “accidents” or just general animal odor.  Depending on the carpet structure, you may have a mild odor and some yellowing.  If the contamination has reached the padding or sub floor then a topical treatment will not apply. A topical treatment may also include sources of animal odor not including urine.  All animals that reside in your home have odors that they leave behind.
  3. SUB SURFACE EXTRACTION: This option is perfect for moderate animal odor situations.  In this case the animal(s) have gone repeatedly in the same spot(s)  and the odor is strong when you approach the area. The carpet and pad have been contaminated and the sub floor and tack strip may be  contaminated, but show no signs of rot.  A urine pretreatment will be applied followed by an application of an enzyme to eliminate the odor.  A second application may be necessary for challenging odors.
  4. SEVERE ODORS: In this case the pad and subfloor are heavily contaminated.  The carpet will need to be treated from the top and on the backing using urine pretreatment and commercial enzymes.  The contaminated carpet pad would need to be sectioned and replaced.  The sub floor will need to be sealed, dried, and then the carpet re-installed.
  5. Yellow stain treatment: In many cases, a yellowing of the spot will appear.  I’ll attempt to reverse the effects of the urine and it’s yellowing characteristics.