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What is color sealing?

Color sealing can solve many grout issues such as uniform appearance, and ease of cleaning.  It can also solve the “first impression” issue that many homeowners and businesses face. I recommend color sealing if cleaning will not produce satisfactory results. 

Below is a before and after shot of a color sealing job that I did in a commercial bathroom.

Tile Grout - dirty

Tile Grout - clean

You can see in the before picture that the grout lines had no uniformity.

This quarry tile job was over 10 years old and the facility lost all faith in trying to clean this themselves.

In the case below the facility chose to color seal the grout to obtain that like-new quality.  The color seal will last for many years to come and the grout lines will be stain resistant. The biggest benefit will be the ease of cleaning for the staff.  This process works just the same in your home.

Like carpet cleaning, grout coloring and sealing will differ from company to company.  I use commercial grade products that are only available to flooring specialists.  I only use the products that will last as long as the proper care instructions are followed.

In order for the color seal to adhere to the existing grout, the floor must be properly prepared.  If you are interested in having your floor look like new again and would like a FREE estimate please click below.