Removing Cat and Dog Urine From Carpet

I don’t hesitate to tell people how much I adore my animals. But, when it comes to living under the same roof, the animals can sometimes invade our space, with their malodorous presence.

pet odor servicesBecause of the number of animals and surfaces that I encounter, I’ll address the most costly mistakes that many home owners make about pet accidents. First, urine on oriental and machined wool rugs is easily permanent. The odor is not the problem as much as the migration of fiber dyes. There are different types of dyes that are used but as the pets re-visit there favorite spot, the weaker the bond between the fiber and the dye becomes. In many cases, the carpet dyes will migrate during cleaning. Secondary damage can also occur to the wood floor underneath the carpet. So, if you have a hunch that your favorite buddy is using the oriental as a dump site, have it cleaned a.s.a.p. Once cleaned, just keep it stored until the problem is contained.

The second most costly mistake is procrastination. Depending on the surface, pet odors can wreak havoc in any home in just a few short months. Both cement and wood are porous materials. These surfaces are like a sponge and will readily absorb urine. It’s difficult to remove and the only way to take care of the odor is to clean and contain it. When properly contained, you will have 100% success.

When it comes to treating the odors, some wool rugs can be dealt with in the home, but many will need repetitive treatment in the shop. For wall to wall carpet, I separated the odors into mild, moderate, and severe.

Mild odors and stains haven’t reached the carpet pad and a topical treatment can take care of it. Moderate stains and odors have breached the carpet backing and have soaked into the carpet pad. In this case I always recommend to flush the urine out of the carpet with sub-surface extraction illustrated below:

Carpet Cleaning Process

Sub-surface extraction is a multistep process.  It first requires total saturation of the urine contaminated area.  Once 20-30 minutes have elapsed, the urine contaminants, along with the pre-treatment, are extracted as above.  Depending on the severity, a second application of a commercial grade enzyme is applied and the process is repeated.

For the most severe odors, a combination of replacing the carpet pad and treating the carpet.  The subfloor will also be sealed to permanantly conceal odor.  This is a 100% odor removing process.

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