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Upholstery Cleaning Best Practices For Couches and Sofas

  • The first step is to correctly identify the furniture fabric fiber. The rule of thumb is that natural fibers are cleaned with low alkaline pre-conditioners followed by a neutral rinse.Synthetic fibers can be cleaned with stronger alkaline pre-conditioners followed by a neutral rinse.
  • The tool used in the image above is a modern day low moisture tool.  
  • These tools are designed to clean the most sensitive fabric without over wetting.  
  • A common mistake by most companies is using cheap upholstery tools and extremely alkaline products to clean upholstery. Strong alkaline are a shortcut to cleaning and will damage the fiber.  
  • If the cleaner has what fiber type then he/she can determine if the cleaning will be acid or alkaline based.  

Below is a before and after of a high back chair that I cleaned.  This was a synthetic blend and had lots of day to day usage.  Notice the heavy soil near the top on the left image and compare to the results on the right image.

Pink Vinyl Chair - Dirty

Pink Vinyl Chair - Clean

Like many pieces of furniture today, the above piece had gone too far before it was cleaned.  The end result was acceptable considering 10+ years of never being touched by a professional.  If you look closely you can see how much brighter the colors came out.

Since the above high back chairs were a synthetic base I used an alkaline cleaning agent for excellent results.  Many furniture pieces today might have a blend of natural and synthetic fibers so careful consideration must be given to obtain maximum results.

Other issues are over wetting and loss of color.  Over wetting could be the cause of multiple factors such as outdated or poorly maintained equipment.  Color loss could be a combination of a heavily soiled piece that should have been cleaned long ago.

Regardless of what your fears are, I will always look at your furniture or carpets FREE OF CHARGE and give you an idea of what to expect in addition to an exact price.

Cleaning Method Options

Green Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning:

  • Safe all natural, organic, non-toxic upholstery cleaning agents.
  • Upholstery dries in about an hour even when it’s cold and rainy outside.
  • Residue from other upholstery cleaners including your home machine are also removed.
  • Prevents mold growth.
  • Perfect for people who want to avoid allergies.
  • No loud gasoline fired equipment near your home.
  • Uses 90% less water than steam cleaning.
  • No heavy hoses to scratch your floors or walls.
  • No doors need to be left open during the cleaning process.
  • All sides of the upholstery fibers are cleaned, which results in a superior clean.
  • Upholstery stay cleaner longer because of the superior cleaning method.
  • You get a cleaner with years of experience, instead of a trainee.
  • Respectful timeliness and thorough cleaning; we won’t rush through your house or your upholstery furniture.
  • Affordable pricing for your budget.

Our Green Steam Cleaning:

  • Natural Organic Preconditioner applied
  • Naturally a fungicide, bactericide, and anti-viral
  • Low to no odor
  • Powerful commercial extraction removes allergens
  • Great for those concerned about newborns atmosphere
  • High temperature kills germs
  • Works great for high traffic areas
  • Pre scrubbing upholstery is available for high traffic
  • Can help remove animal hair
  • Removes mild to some moderate pet stains – See our Pet Odor page for removing moderate to severe pet odor
  • Removes more debris and soil than rental machines
  • High temperature rinse flushes old cleaning residues out
  • Modern tools allow faster dry times
  • Approved method to maintain upholstery warranty
  • Careful attention not to scuff floors or walls
  • Can clean under beds if space is allowed
  • Upholstery is only slightly damp
  • Can sit on upholstery immediately with clean clothes